Beringer California Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

After trying this wine’s $14 older brother earlier this week, my friend Evelyne was happy to help me make an unbiased comparison.  After drinking both (and composing this entry while under the influence of Beringer), we’ve concluded that you could safely just spend the $10.

The California Collection version is still ripe and fruit-forward but a little less sweet.  There is less of an oaky quality, which might be a plus for some, and the wine has a smooth finish. This bottle is lighter in colour and in body than the Stone Cellars, which makes it a bit more suitable for pre-dinner drinks or gossiping at a party, both of which I fully endorse.

Beringer California Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, $9.95. LCBO# 113001.

Overall, I give this wine a 8.5/10 for taste and 4/5 for value.

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