An Ode to Girls’ Night

On February 28th, I am officially losing my identity as a single lady, an identity I have enjoyed and exploited over the years. Kevin and I are moving in together….and while I am very excited to be taking a rather adult step forward in our relationship, and also can’t wait to cook in the amazing kitchen in the new place, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about my old apartment.

Affectionately termed the “Doll House” for its low ceilings and pint-sized rooms, this apartment has been where I have called home for 3 of my 4 years in Kingston.  When I was single and in grad school, it was quite the hub of girl’s night activities.  Being the gourmand I am, I’ve always been happy to have people come and join me for olives, cheese, baguette and bottles of red wine.

This evening I had my friend Evelyne over for dinner to say good bye to the old place.  Evelyne is my only surviving member of the grad school girl crew, having lost Laurel to Singapore, Jung to Montreal, Mary to Hamilton, Noreen to Grenada and Tiziana to Toronto.  My apartment has been the scene of quite a few happenings….birthday celebrations, the gory details of break ups, spilling tales of bad dates and new relationships, the discovery of Jung’s pregnancy (no one will ever forget that night, I am sure) and good byes to many good friends.

And so I am left to conclude that transitions in life are often bittersweet, having to leave behind treasured experiences in order to move forward. I raise my glass to my girl friends and bid farewell to my cozy home, and think of the new adventures I will enjoy in the next stage of life.  Cheers!

The girls in their finest.....out on the town after drinks at the Doll House.

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