Aquila Estate Shiraz

2005 Aquila Estate Shiraz, $21-$25.

I thought I was finished blogging for 2010, but then this lovely bottle of wine crossed my path this week. It was purchased in Calgary, and is sadly not carried by the LCBO, so this will probably be my one and only taste. Those of you who live in a less fascist wine state than Ontario should hurry out and buy yourselves a bottle!

This shiraz is everything I would expect in an Australian bottle. Full bodied, ripe with berries and a touch of oak. It is very well balanced, with a bit of zip and a smooth finish.

I’ve searched all over the net for more information on this bottle and the Aquila Estate winery, and have not come up with much. All I can say is that it delivers for the price, and captures everything that is great about Aussie shiraz.

Overall, I give this wine 9/10 for taste and 4/5 for value.

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