Big Breakfasts

If I had to pick one that thing that keeps Kevin & I together, it would be our love of breakfast. Breakfast is definitely our glue. I’m not saying there’s nothing else that is important in our lives, of course, but I feel that if we ran into trouble some day, a breakfast like this would be the first olive branch. Kevin makes an egg over-easy that cannot be beat. And obviously, the way to La Gourmandesse’s heart is through her stomach.

Having traveled in Europe and Asia, I can say that the Canadian thing I have always missed the most is bacon and eggs. In the UK, they know how to do it right, and I love the addition of fried tomatoes and mushrooms, and baked beans. But in France, all I could ever think was that baguette with jam was not going to take me very far. And in Asia, I never quite got behind the noodles or rice for breakfast, although I would love some more tropical fruit in my life.

So, today, we made the best of it: some grease to satisfy the traditional cravings, and some fruit salad to tell ourselves that we were paying attention to health. This is best prepared on a Saturday morning when you can lay around and watch PBS building shows and think about great houses that you will probably never own.

Cheers to weekend indulgences with the person who loves you most.

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