Ogio Pinot Grigio

2009 Ogio Pinot Grigio, $8.85. LCBO#86199.

I am a huge fan of Ogio’s Primitivo. It is a wine I always have in my cellar (cupboard beside the sink), and love to pull out for pasta nights. The under $9 price point makes me happy.

I was looking at my $10 wine list recently, and realized that I’m really lacking on the white wine side of things. I suppose this is because I prefer red wine, and also find that cheap white wine tends to be just that, whereas an affordable red can often be quite good.

So, I am on a good white wine quest, and thought since I like Ogio as a wine maker, perhaps I would enjoy their pinot grigio. The label was promising, calling it crisp and dry with citrus notes. Those are my favourite things in a white wine, and are usually things I would expect in a sauvignon blanc, not a pinot grigio.

We were having pork for dinner, and I always think of pork as a meat that could go either way with wine. I have to say I was let down by this bottle. While I find their prmitivo is full of flavour, the pinot grigio was almost watered down. It is only 12% alcohol, which maybe is part of the problem. While it is crisp and dry, I found myself really having to search for the citrus notes.

The flavour is nice, and the finish is easy, it’s not overly acidic or sweet. However, it is just far too light bodied. I think that even people who prefer a light white wine would find this bottle watery. So, the verdict is: keep stocking up on the primitivo, but take a pass on the white.

Overall, I give this bottle 7/10 for taste and 3/5 for value.


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