Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon


I was first introduced to Casa Lapostolle a few years ago at a wine tasting event, and was charmed by the fact that this Chilean winery has links to the Marnier family in France– makers of Grand Marnier. I have tried a few of their Cuvee Alexandre bottles from the Vintages section, and have not been let down.  This bottle caught my eye last week in the Chile aisle at the LCBO, and the $16 price point was very attractive.

The wine is a satifyingly deep ruby-purple, somewhat like pouring a fresh glass of grape juice. The nose is light and a bit earthy, and the taste is very ripe. It is medium-bodied, and not overly heavy or full of oak. Flavours of berries and a touch of wood come through, while not overwhelming the palate. The finish is quite smooth and well balanced, making it great to sip on its own.

I wished it was a bit more full bodied, but that’s just my love of big, bold reds.  This is a mellow, easy to drink cabernet sauvignon. I’m a bit torn about the price point, I think I expected to be more excited by this bottle. You could most likely find something quite comparable in the $12 range from Chile or California.

Overall, I give this wine 8.5/10 for taste and 3/5 for value.

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