d’Arenberg The Stump Jump Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre

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I saw this wine earlier in the year in an LCBO Vintages release. I was a bit slow, unfortunately, and missed the 2007 vintage. But this summer, at the SAQ in Quebec City, they had some hiding in a corner, and I scooped up a bottle. I was quite intrigued by the name…and the GSM blend. d’Arenberg’s website describes the “Stump Jump” name as an homage to a plough created in the area in the 1800s, which subsequently spread around the world, that allowed farmers to move quickly over stumps and bumpy land. The Stump Jump line is their fun, friendly, easy drinking variety of wine.

I enjoy blended wines, because I think it must be so fun to be a wine maker and concoct the perfect mix of flavours. Wikipedia tells me that Australia is a large producer of GSM blends, and that the Grenache contributes a mellow fruitiness, the Shiraz some backbone and spice, and the Mourvedre some acidity, elegance and structure.

I think this bottle really hit all those things on the nose. The wine has a lovely bright ruby colour, and was refreshing and light-medium bodied with a gentle finish. I could have gone for a bit more fruit and full body, but not every wine has to be over the top. There were subtle oak and berry flavours, almost no tannins, and a really clean finish.

We paired this wine with pork tenderloin, and it was a great match. It didn’t overpower the pork at all. I think this bottle goes well with foods that sit somewhere in the middle of the road….where you’re not sure whether to pair with a white or a red. The Stump Jump GSM is light and fresh like a white, with some of the depth and fruit of a red. The LCBO has a new batch of 2008 in…better hurry if I want to drink this again!

Overall, I give this wine 9/10 for taste and 4/5 for value.

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