Mezzomondo Negroamaro Salento

2009 Mezzomondo Negroamaro Salento, $7.95. LCBO# 588962.

This wine has been a standby of mine for several years. Introduced to me by fellow affordable wine lover, Eve, this wine surfaced at many a ladies’ wine night. I picked up a bottle on a whim last week, knowing that some hearty fall fare would pair well with it. Tonight, Kevin suggested beef stew and this bottle to go with it.

For $8, the Negroamaro Salento packs in quite a bit of flavour. This winery produces a few reds, a white and a rose, but I haven’t tried the others. I guess I just like this bottle so much I don’t see the point in branching out.

The nose is a bit plain, I have trouble picking up anything beyond “red wine,” but the taste doesn’t disappoint. It’s full bodied, with ripe cherry notes, as well as a bit of black licorice. The finish is smooth and makes for definite easy drinking.

Next time someone invites you over for lasagna, this is the bottle to bring. Maybe you should bring two, as this is sure to get you invited back.

Overall, I give this wine 9/10 for taste and 5/5 for value.

3 thoughts on “Mezzomondo Negroamaro Salento

  1. Eve says:

    LOVE Mezzomondo’s ratio of taste:price!!! Glad to hear it’s still enjoyable after all those tastings and I thought it might have disappointed you like Goats du Rhone did, but no. The blog is coming along great: LOVE it! What a great resource. Miss ya!


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