Argento Malbec

2009 Argento Malbec, $9.95. LCBO#591693.

I have been so happy with my latest wine picks, all of which have been coming from Wine Align‘s red wines rated 85 and above for under $10.  When I started this a few months ago, the first few bottles were thin and wimpy wines, and I worried that most wines in the $7-10 range would be total let downs.  But never fear, my wine loving readers, I have persevered (it’s such hard work to drink 1-2 bottles of wine a week, let me tell you).  And the fruit of my labours is yet another lovely wine to share.

This Malbec hails from Argentina’s Mendoza region and is produced by Bodegas Esmerelda. Apparently their high altitude vineyards make for fruit forward wines.  I wouldn’t call this wine extremely fruity, but it has a well balanced sweet-tart berry quality while still being fairly dry. It is a cheerful deep ruby-plum colour with just enough oak for a smooth finish.

I could sip this on its own, but it would also be a great addition to a girl’s night or appetizer gathering. It’s also an excellent dinner wine. I’m embarrassed to say we had it with spaghetti and garlic bread…..I feel like I’m always pairing things with pasta!  What can I say, carbs bring me comfort and almost always go well with wine.

Overall, I give this bottle 9/10 for taste and 4/5 for value.

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