Obikwa Shiraz

2009 Obikwa Shiraz, $8.95. LCBO#527499.

This Shiraz hails from the Stellenbosch region in the west of South Africa. I would accuse Obikwa of being mass produced because it is so ever-present in the LCBO, but funnily enough has no website, so perhaps is less of a giant than I assume.  A bit of research reveals that they are very popular in Canada and Australia, but only launched a line in their home country this year. Hmmmmmmm…….this sounds a bit like Blue Nun to me!

I have tried so hard to like South African wine. I have family friends from there, who have given me the chance to taste some prime bottles (and who also don’t know that I have a blog!).  Expensive, cheap, old, new, it does not seem to matter.  South Africa is not the wine making country for me.  Often I find that there is far too much oak in the wine, but it is safe to say that there is not really too much of anything to this bottle.  Boring would be my word of choice for this Shiraz.  There is no spice, no distinguishable fruit, and not even much wood, either.

The 2007 and 2008 vintages have good reviews in general online and on Wine Align, so I’m not sure how this 2009 stacks up.  It is deep plum, very smooth and mellow, and really doesn’t jump out with any interesting flavours or bouquet. Kevin thinks it smells like model air plane paint, which might have been a bit intriguing, but I couldn’t pick up on that either. We both agreed that Obikwa is not the winery for us. Wine Wednesday has never been so bland!

Overall, I give this bottle a 7/10 for taste and a 3.5/5 for value.

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