McGuigan Black Label Shiraz

2008 McGuigan Black Label Shiraz, $9.95. LCBO#325787.

Last night, in honour of Wine Wednesday, as well as Evelyne’s first visit to our new home, we broke out a bottle of especially tasty $10 wine. This Australian Shiraz received a rating of 88 from Wine Align, and we all agreed that this is an incredibly enjoyable bottle.  It comes from the Barossa Valley’s McGuigan Winery, a family run business whose Black Label line is geared to mass-production.

Mass produced or not, this wine definitely gets my vote for value in a Shiraz. It is hard to believe it is a $10 wine, the flavours are spicy and complex, the wine is medium to full bodied, and the finish is quite smooth. It is definitely a cherry-berry fruit bomb that pairs well with hearty fare. We had a meaty spaghetti dish with caesar salad and garlic bread, and the wine certainly matched our gluttonous mood.

There are a few bottles left in stock at my neighbourhood LCBO, and I think I’ll add getting some more to tomorrow’s to-do list!

Overall, I give this wine 9/10 for taste and 4.5/5 for value.

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