Finca Flichman Misterio Malbec

2008 Finca Flichman Misterio Malbec, $7.95. LCBO#28803

This bottle, from Argentina’s Mendoza region, is an economical delight.  Hailing from the same region as Fuzion wines,  Finca Flichman has reduced their prices to compete with the mega winery.  Personally, I would spend 50 cents more to support anyone other than the Zuccardis.  I feel like their 1000+ bottles on Kingston shelves alone makes them fit for sale at Walmart.  And all you have to do is read my original post on $10 wine to know how I feel about that.

The wine is a very pleasing dark purple, with an oaky nose and blackberry flavours. It is medium-bodied, fruity and toasty.  This malbec is pleasantly spicy on its own; we drank it with grilled sausages and lentil soup, and it was a great pairing.

Overall, I give this wine an 8.5/10 for taste and 4/5 for value.

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