Pasta Genova

Fresh linguine and bolognese sauce from Pasta Genova

I’m going to state something incredibly controversial- Pasta Genova is amazing.  Gotcha. Of course we all know it is the best place ever. For friends who have not had the pleasure of eating some of their wonderful Italian fare, make sure I take you there on your next visit to Kingston!  I’ve banned myself from clothes shopping lately, and Pasta Genova seems to have taken over as my favourite place to shop…second only to the LCBO, naturally, which is conveniently located around the corner.

I can’t quite believe it now, but somehow I lived in Kingston for a year and a half without knowing of its existence. Fortunately a friend brought some of their foccacia bread to a potluck and I was hooked after one dip in the balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Pasta Genova has become our Friday night destination for a take home feast. Their green olives marinated with garlic and cumin are not to be missed, as well as the Friday cheese sticks. I just can’t get over how reasonable the prices are for fresh pasta, sauce and pizza dough.  They’ve always got lots of fresh herbs, and their variety of pasta sauces and cold cut meats can’t be beat. I’ve never tried their made-to-order foccacia sandwiches, but have heard good reports.

So here’s to Pasta Genova, my Friday night friend, and great partner to a glass of red wine.

7 thoughts on “Pasta Genova

  1. andrea says:

    You’ve served the bolognese wrong. The pasta is meant to be cooked just shy of al dente and then mixed into the sauce. It should then cook for a little while in the sauce.
    The reason this is done is because by finishing the pasta in the sauce the pasta will actually absorb some of the flavour of the sauce while it finishes cooking.
    Alternately, you could simply toss the pasta and the sauce together instead of serving the sauce poured on top. It wouldn’t be exact but it would be close.


    • lagourmandesse says:

      It’s actually an Italian deli, so everything is to go. They’ve got great focaccia bread, tons of fresh pasta and sauces and all kinds of Italian grocery items. They also make sandwiches with the focaccia and their deli meats. I highly recommend their $2 pizza dough- you’ll never have better home made pizza!


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